From the wow moment of the initial site visit to the finer details that create an intuitive and branded experience, our digital team will craft the perfect solution for your website.

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Digital design

The web and digital as a whole, has caused a pattern shift in communication and the way in which content is created and consumed.

Most commercial websites we create today are developed using the frameworks of content management systems allowing our clients to take true ownership with the flexibility to create, develop, manage and promote their own website pages and content.

Responsive design

With the introduction and subsequent proliferation of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, consumers can now access websites and content far more conveniently and quickly than ever before.

We’ve helped many of our clients take advantage of mobile and reap the benefits of interactions from social media and search to gain better placement above their competitors.

At Carbon, we’ve embraced these winds of change. Digital has caused convergence and our role is integrated more than ever before…

…from the initial research and workshops with our clients, their customers and end users, to a beautifully designed and dynamically built website.

Agile development, Agile not fragile

The websites we develop today also avoid the build and bust cycle, where a website is redeveloped usually every 1-3 years, in favour of a more iterative approach. We like to enhance, evolve and improve, building on the previous work and taking it to the next level. It’s a process that borrows elements of ‘Agile development’, a development methodology that has been tried and tested in software development for many years.

User experience (UX)

The websites we develop at Carbon today are complex machines with many interwoven components, frameworks and technologies, all under one bonnet, so to speak.

And yet our goal is to provide an engaging user experience. So we work really hard at creating elegant, simple to use interfaces and dashboards, harnessing the power yet hiding away the underlying technology.

Digital creative integrated agency

Brand, web design and development, campaigns and motion are now often part of a typical project with many of these creative services being delivered via digital media such as the web and social. Content-production, blogs, social media and mobile web applications are all areas in which Carbon can help. Our creativity, approach, messaging and design skills truly help promote the organisations and brands we support to promote their services, and to sell more products.

The web is constantly evolving and the pace of change can feel breathtaking. The rise of social media platforms whereby companies can have direct communication with new and existing customers, coupled with the huge explosion of mobile devices, drives business forward in an interactive age.

At Carbon, we help ambitious clients realise the potential of digital in new and brilliant ways…

We’d love to help you, too.

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