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Brand is so important to any organisation or company, it’s the emotional differentiator.

We give it a lot of care and attention to make sure we get it just right. There are two key areas in brand that we offer:

  • Brand Strategy (the strategic thinking)
  • Visual Identity (the visual aspect to the brand)

Brand Strategy

There’s a lot to consider before our brand and graphic team pick up their magic markers!

We like to create the building blocks for any brand by taking a strategic approach, this typically involves a consultation ‘brand kick off’ meeting, followed by a workshop which helps cultivate ideas for a final brand strategy document.

Visual Identity

Identity is the ‘visual brand’, it’s the embodiment of all the intelligence gathered from strategy and distilled into gorgeous graphics that are perfectly crafted from the brand DNA.

Visual identity can be many things but typically it is colours, fonts, illustrations, photographic style all combined with a visual tone and copywriting tone that creates a consistent look and feel across all mediums.

The visual identity is a toolkit of graphic assets that can then be used to develop advertising, websites, brochures, leaflets, videos and more.

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