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Powerful logo design provides the single, biggest visual impact of your brand and can empower positive messages and feelings within seconds.

It is the core of your visual identity and critical for business marketing. We understand the challenge to create a logo that inspires trust and loyalty.

The collaborative process of our logo design service brings us closer to your brand, closer to your customers and applies the considerable expertise in our team into developing a unique brandmark to represent your corporate visual identity.

The quality of our work is a direct result of our efforts to listen, understand, get the feel and values of your enterprise/brand and then express genuine innovation and creativity in delivering a logo design that you will be proud to represent your company.

By understanding, to the point where it becomes intuitive – how a brand looks, sounds and feels in any situation, including online – we are able to match brand expressions to customer behaviour and create a real, lasting visual identity for your organisation.

Logo design can involve the usage of symbols, marques, devices, crests and avatars to express your brand in many forms of visual imagery and is not limited to just typography. At Carbon Creative, we take great care in the little details of the design process for logos. It is vitally important to understand where the logo will be going to create the right design for multiple mediums and platforms.

Logos in the digital age

When we create logos today we always take into account that internet placement will be an important part of its life. More than this, the internet has changed the way we see some brands.

Often a company logo will reflect the domain name of their website, a style known as brand response. Where the logo is more than a unique symbol for the organisation it is also a response to action, signposting the viewer to a company website.

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