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Hello Mr Blue Sky…

Everything starts here, sparkling thoughts and visions of the future. Brand strategy is all about blue sky thinking, it’s a voyage of discovery to identify the soul, personality and beliefs of an organisation, we call this the ‘Brand DNA’.

We use Brand DNA to cultivate creative ideas for visuals, copywriting, advertising and digital. As creatives’ it provides us with the building blocks for a brand’s life, a narrative and rationale to engineer the creative around.

Every great brand has this DNA at the core of its being, in simple terms we summarise it as the following building blocks:

  • Vision, values and belief
  • Positioning, promise and identity
  • Story, look and behaviour

We love helping with Brand Strategy and we’re pretty darn good at it too. For us it’s a three stage approach:

  • First up is an initial ‘brand kick off’ consultation meeting to look at where we are and where we want to be.
  • Secondly we host a brand workshop, typically on location at a customer’s business, at Carbon or in a neutral location.
  • Third and finally we develop a brand strategy document that condenses and formalises all the intelligence gathered from the meeting and workshop into one simple to read document with lots of nice graphics to boot.

Just like the rest of us, brands need to be loved and they have to fend for themselves in a big busy world. We give the brands we care for the best start in life.

Whilst this ‘Brand Strategy’ thing may seem a bit ‘blue sky, far out man…’ it’s actually a pretty important thing to do if you want to set your organisation on the right course.

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