An ecommerce website will allow your organisation to be a part of a virtual high street where you can interact with consumers and sell products or services to them 24/7.

Are you being served?

The internet is the new high street with more people than ever using laptops, tablets and mobiles to do their shopping and browse around town.

The benefits of having an e-commerce website are profound, an online store is significantly less expensive to run than a retail outlet and it empowers customers by allowing them to search and shop at their convenience and comfort.

Which platform

A typical e-commerce website would consist primarily of a product database, product search, product stock, user account, basket system and payment gateway. Due to the generic core functionality required by an online shop there is a wealth of content managed systems and plug-ins that can provide the frameworks on which we can build on.

We’ve created e-commerce stores using Magento, Jigoshop and shopify to name a few. All of these systems range in complexity, features and costs so we carefully consider which is the best fit for your project objectives.

Custom built

Often an off-the-shelf e-commerce content management system will not provide the full scope of features needed or is simply not fit for your purpose.

We’ve still got you covered, we have expert knowledge in developing custom-built e-commerce applications to allow for product, user, and order management and administration. We can facilitate interfacing with specialist systems such as an internal stock system, SAP or Saleforce.

Saw this and thought of you

One of the big advantages in e-commerce today is personalisation. Personalisation is where a customer can select a product, personalise it in some way and have it delivered to them or someone else such as a friend or relative. Large e-commerce brands like MoonPig have popularised this concept but the concept and technology has trickled down to other markets.

At Carbon we’ve developed personalisation systems for blue chip brands such as BT and Pizza Hut. We’ve witnessed the growth of this sector shift to businesses working from small office and home locations can provide personalised individual items, hand crafted and beautifully created, everything from cards and ribbons to etched glass.

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