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Campaign creative

We love conceptual advertising, and we’ve produced some award winning work in this area. Awards are indicators of great work but ultimately the creative approach on a campaign has to be effective as well as attractive. We have a number of processes we use to determine the effectiveness of a campaign before we even put pencil to paper or pixel to screen.

Outdoor, Out of Home (OOH) and Digital OOH

Billboards, adshels, bus, train and underground are just a handful of popular outdoor advertising mediums (also known as Out of Home). Some of the most memorable and creative campaigns have influenced us through billboard advertising. Outdoor is advancing as a new breed of animated and motion ads are slowly being introduced as older signage points are updated. At Carbon we look at all options for outdoor and choose the best fit for the project, localisation, geography and personalisation can make a distinct impact.


Consumers, drivers and daytime and evening shift workers are often exposed to radio and it therefore makes a great way to reach out to them. Radio can be used independently or as part of a wider campaign strategy including outdoor or digital providing an integrated approach where radio provides audio and outdoor provides visual.

Direct mail (DM)

Direct mail or DM as it’s often shortened to, is a form of direct marketing where a mailer such as a flyer, letter or shaped creative piece of print is sent out to a targeted audience of postal addresses. Direct mail has gone out of favour over recent years because of it’s carpet bomb approach to flood as many consumers as possible which is costly. Many brands have moved away from Direct Mail in favour of less expensive digital alternatives but advancements in printing and mailing technology has made DM attractive again. Mail can now be personalised in a much more dynamic way, names and messages can now be printed and customised to an individual. Direct mail has many processes including laser address personalisation, order forms or questionnaires and mail-sorting or dispatching. At Carbon we can create a direct mail solution through our experience in the field to meet the demands of your marketing campaign.

Guerrilla marketing and ambient campaigns

Guerrilla marketing and ambient campaigns are advertising strategies focusing on unconventional marketing tactics that are often low-cost and localised in public areas. The campaign ideas are often conceptual and based around unusual advertising mediums in high footfall places for short bursts of time. Examples of guerrilla advertising may include oversized objects or recreated scenes, advertising messages in unusual places or ideas that use shock, humour or other amplification techniques to make a target audience stop and think. At Carbon we’ve used guerrilla and ambient campaigns to great effect producing award winning campaigns that have had clear demonstrable results. Our glow-in the dark posters and charity pot bins for Keep Britain Tidy were two guerrilla and ambient campaigns that even made the telly!

eMarketing and direct email

Email marketing is a type of marketing that can be defined as achieving objectives through the use of electronic communications technology such as Internet, email, ebooks, database and mobile phone. It is a more general term than online marketing which is limited to the use of internet technology to attain marketing objectives. Carbon have produced effective emarketing campaigns for various clients. We can create e-newsletters, email marketing flyers (broadcast mailers) and provide tools for you to distribute and manage your own campaigns and subscriber lists.

Social media campaigns

Social media marketing is now a marketing communications discipline. Like any other discipline, social media marketing has developed methods that work. It is a dynamic approach with feedback loops so quick that tactics can be adopted and improved on the fly. Carbon can either act as an outsourced creative content developer or manage your whole social media marketing programme. In the first instance, we can do a rapid assessment to see what return you might expect.

We love campaigns at Carbon, and we’re pretty darn good at them! Growth begins here, let’s chat…

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