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Beautiful design and an engaging user experience are just a couple of our aims when developing a new website, but they are not the only considerations, far from it…

We aim for unique – user centric design

We believe that every website should have it’s own set of unique objectives, much like the organisations they represent. Whether this is focused on brand awareness, promoting the organisation, selling a product or something completely different. It is important to define and never lose sight of these objectives and include methods to measure and monitor them.

Our focus is to base the website, it’s brand creative, messaging interface and featureset around the core objectives set out at the start of the project and create something that uniquely answers them in a digital form.

We aim for user friendly – UX design

User Experience, or UX as it often referred to, has become a subset of website design that is more specialised.

Websites are now often critical to the business environment and for a high performing website the clarity of the website design, user interface, page and content structure can make significant impacts in return-on-investment.

We aim for reliability – website development

A beautiful website also needs to be a robust website, when the traffic starts to flow, you want to be sure that your site will be fully operational and functioning seamlessly. Choosing the best technologies for the task, building scalable infrastructures and ensuring consistent uptime and reliability is something we have great experience in.

We’ve developed website applications that can scale to handle thousands of simultaneous users, transact tens of thousands of pounds each month, and allow customers to search through masses of products.

We value your reputation as much as our own, and fully understand that that those reputations are built on customer trust and experience. Efficient, robust and secure websites are the foundations for that trust.

We code mainly for open source platforms so our team are open source focused, developing primarily for the Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP technology stack (LAMP for short).

There are many other frameworks and technologies we use including:

  • PHP Laravel
  • Symfony

We aim for better – iterate and evolve

Websites exist at the intersection of trends and technology, both areas that are subject to social change and rapid advancement.

It’s really important to keep on top of this and iterate and evolve the website content, design and feature set over time to avoid the boom and bust culture which so many website owners experience.

If this approach is taken and the website is updated at regular periods of time, then it can be far more effective following popular culture changes, fashion trends, technology advancements and more.

Build it brilliant, then make it better!

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