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Where do we start and how do you involve your clients in the design process?

We have a number of processes we like to go through when starting a new project. We take a simple but strategic approach to what we do, it’s not just about creating something attractive it also has to meet its measurable criteria for success.

  1. Initial contact, either by phone or email, we’ll gather as much information from you this way first and validate whether the project is a good fit for our skills and your expectations of budget.
  2. Brand / design kick-off meeting, it’s good to get together for a face to face meeting and run through our brand / design kick-off consultation. It’s a process that takes about an hour to run through but usually gives us enough intelligence to estimate the project timeline and fees. We encourage the client to contribute ideas and samples of items and colours that are liked. Equally important is to understand concepts that the client doesn’t like. Once we are satisfied we have enough information to work with, we quote the project and if accepted, create a basic schedule for both parties to follow.
  3. We will begin the project by researching ideas, considering concepts and then laying out design visuals, these will be forwarded to the client for feedback. We set up collaborative tools allowing easy communication on the project. Two tools we currently share with clients are BaseCamp (for project management) and Invision (for feedback on designs).
  4. We listen carefully to our client’s feedback and make the necessary changes to layouts, offering advice on why we arrived at the design conclusions submitted. This process of amendment and resubmission continues until the design naturally evolves into its final form.

If I commission branding work from Carbon Creative who owns the intellectual property?

You do. Unlike some agencies, we do not charge high release fees for our work. If work is completed at our standard rates of pay and intellectual property is requested before we start the project, then on receipt of final payment we release all intellectual property rights on the design.

We reserve the right to feature the work in our portfolio and self-promotional material plus if our work is featured elsewhere such as within the scope of a another design or artwork we would expect to be credited.

What if I don’t like what you design for me?

This is pretty rare. Branding and design is an evolutionary process. Sometimes we hit the nail on the head first time, other times it can take a number of discussions and design submissions before we evolve to the final concept. Ultimately we always ensure our clients walk away satisfied and we feel comfortable that we have put out a job that meets our own high standards within the confines of the timescale, brief and budget provided.

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