Porrima design, develop and implement sophisticated sales software solutions for organisations of all sizes, in partnership with the UK mobile networks.

Refresh and evolve

Our brief was to create a new website, refreshing the existing design and evolving the branding. The previous website was not responsive and needed a new structure to it, which would ultimately improve the website being a vehicle for new business as well as shoring up existing clients.

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Introducing a style

Building on Porrima’s current branding, we used the purple from the logo, and introduced more shades of it, alongside complementary blue tones. This provided a friendly, relaxed approach to the website, allowing the illustrations to stand out.

Audience appeal

The target audience was mainly B2B, selling mobile phones and fixed line contracts. To help capture their attention and make the software feel tangible, we created graphical representations of Porrima’s products. These easy to understand and engaging graphics help Porrima stand out from their competitors.

The products can be identified as separate solutions, with a common DNA, that are also part of a suite of tools that can be combined.

Although the tone of voice needed to have a corporate feel to it, due to the audience, we wanted the brand to feel approachable. To help develop this, we introduced an illustrative style that would give the brand a narrative and tie in with their products. We illustrated common user problems and provided solutions with Porrima’s products.

Very happy with the website, you guys have done a brilliant job - very proud of it!

Dan Shapiro, CEO

Trustworthy and professional

It was imperative the website came across as trustworthy, reputable, honest and professional due to the nature of the Telecoms industry. We made sure that information was easily accessible for different users visiting the site, to the areas most relevant to them, without confusion or friction, in order to engage users.

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