We love Christmas at Carbon and it seems the rest of Manchester does too!

Is it just us or does it seem to start earlier and earlier each year? With the Christmas light switch at the start of November, the team at Carbon are torn about whether we should get in the Christmas spirit before 1st December or wait? We are still undecided but it did prompt a fun discussion about what makes us feel Christmassy!

Bex and Matt both said that they get the festive feels when it starts to get a little darker in the evenings and you can see all the lights and Christmas decorations that people are starting to put up. #christmasinspo

For Carrie it is all about the Christmas shopping, and I think I am with her on that one!

Diogo is a little more enthusiastic about the presents that he receives! Not sure who he sends his Christmas list to but hopefully he will be pleased with what he gets this year.

Ian and Jz get into the Christmas spirit once the World famous Christmas markets make an appearance. The markets seem to get bigger and more elaborate every year but the traditional (ish) Mulled wine & Bratwurst are a true symbol of Manchester Christmas tidings

For Nolan, ever the food fan, he appreciates Mince Pie season with gusto! With Booths the supermarket only a stones throw from the office we intend to have a well stocked December in the office! #mincepiemadness

Craig’s Christmas is all about the movies! Why do all the good films get shown in one month?! Not that we don’t love it…! From golden oldies that are long forgotten, then films that have that childhood nostalgia factor to blockbuster-tastic, more films please!

For me I think I like that December is chock full of seeing friends and family! There is never really a night off enjoying the season with people I don’t get to see as much as I’d like, to those I see all year but want to make the most of Christmas with! Does it go without saying a nice beer and cheeseboard in the Northern Quarter often go hand in hand with all this people pleasing!

This year Carbon have a got a few extra Christmas activities planned, Christmas Jumper day fuelled by our newest Developer, Matt’s famous homemade brownies. And as part of being a Tomorrow Resident we will be decorating a Bauble to go on the tree in the Tomorrow reception! Keep an eye on our instagram, and comment about what makes you feel Christmasy.