One of our favourite new clients are Commonplace, a mobile community space housed in a double decker bus, these guys showcase some of the best events and meet-ups across Manchester!

What is Commonplace?

Commonplace is a social enterprise who work with community groups, other social enterprises and start-up businesses. Lucy Cooke and Roxanna Locke, the founders of Commonplace bring their events and ideas to new crowds and communities across the city. Their big passion is to create an affordable, yet beautiful event space that can be used by anyone.

Rox and Lucy were ready to start the next stage of their journey and needed to convert the interior of the bus, introducing much needed practicalities like electricity, lighting, heating and air con. A local team of makers were enlisted to design functional and beautiful furnishings, that will be created in public workshops. They need £5,500 to kick start the process.

So when they approached us to help with their crowdfunding campaign we were absolutely delighted to help. Rox is such a persuasive and inspirational speaker and explained they would need some marketing materials, print and social media assets, to help promote their crowdfunder.

Commonplace Crowdfunding Campaign Manchester

Working with Commonplace

We had already worked with Commonplace to deliver their ‘Summer Hoopla’ campaign and so the guys already had an art direction in mind drawing on corporate colours from their brand book that complemented those materials. Our brief; to reflect the mission of Commonplace and their events – fun for the community!

With the double-decker bus being the obvious star, our minds drifted on to famous red buses in cultural history from The Spice Girls movie to Cliff Richard’s Summer Holiday. Like so many of these things, our moment of creative ‘genius’ was simplicity itself, putting the ‘fun’ into the word crowdfund we saw an opportunity to subvert the line further and introduce the bus element, a call to action too if you like – ‘Crowd fun-ding, ding!’ adding the hashtag, #GetOnBoard.

At the time of writing, the crowdfunder has delivered over 50% of the funding for the conversion. Unfortunately though they have had a hiccup – they were hoping to receive a Santander match fund when they reached the magic 50% mark, which would have meant they matched what they had raised so far and rocketed them to their target. But sadly the money ran out before they could get their hands on it. The guys however are confident they can reach their target though, so watch this (mobile) space for further news on how they got on!

Be sure to check Commonplace out on Twitter, donate on Crowdfunder and follow their amazing campaign!