Yet more inspirational links and findings from Carbon’s amazing web team. Enjoy…

1) Bottled Walkman – Getting to your target market

2) Beautiful personal project by a designer on Behance. Creative use of animations, colours and illustration.


3) The science behind fonts (and how they make you feel). An interesting insight into how fonts (as well as layout and composition) can change how you feel about a design/website.!umTfF

4) A really simple plugin for styling select. Falls back to native selects (although still styled) on mobiles and is really easy to set up.

5) An interesting jquery plugin which creates relationships between elements on a page which could be useful for scrolling sites or creative layouts.

7) A simple browser-based app which aims to make writing easier and clearer by analysing your content and providing recommendations on how it can be improved.

8) CSS3 animations:

8) Starting point for projects using Sass and Compass:

9) Site usability – Get a peek into your site’s usability:

10) Get screenshots of the websites in different resolutions:

11) Control Google Chrome on OS X from the command line:

12) Mozilla Firefox doing some great work on their dev tools:

13) Interesting idea for some Star Wars illustrations as 80’s High School characters:

Star Wars

14) Cool gif animation

15) Macbook Pro as a bin?

16) Amazing UI and photo album creation

17) 80s Instagram – What Instagram would be like if it was invented in the 80s

18) Yeoman – Addy Osmani Google engineer

19) Website performance – Lara Swanson – Etsy

20) UX Myths – You don’t need the content to design a website