Team GB win their first medal on the snow at the winter olympics and half the country has either been blown away or flooded but we’re still here with yet more inspiration.

1) Apple – Apple’s 30th Year video made entirely with an iPhone.

2) Creative work – Keep at it

3) Open source design – Designing in the open

4) Screencasts – Advice on recording screencasts:

5) GitHub goodness –  Nifty little bit of code for showing all your GitHub goodness:

 6) JavaScript Puzzles!!

 7) Animation effects – Some nice fullscreen overlay animation effects:

8) Big telephone –  A nice big telephone, complete with animation:

9) No jQuery –  Sometimes you don’t always need jQuery:

10) Bouncy ball – Crazy bouncy ball animation:

11) Northern Lights – amazing video of the Northern lights

 12) Awesome web community – Example of how awesome the community is, I asked and they delivered, helping us to decide on what devices to invest in for our device lab:

13) Contact form – Best contact form on the web ever?

14) Creator of jQuery talks – John Resig the creator of jQuery talks on Shop Talk:

15) Grid – A tasty looking grid:

 16) JavaScript advice – Advice on how to JavaScript ‘The Right Way’:

 17) Star Wars photos – Awesome collection of rare Star Wars photos:

18) Winter Olympics – Its the winter olympics had there ever been a better winder Olympian than – Eddie the Eagle Edwards

19) Mike Kus – Graphic Design: The Forgotten Web Standard – Slides

20) WP – Migration Pro – A nice little tool for migrating databases for WordPress