As we say goodbye to the Winter Olympics in Russia and the weather has improved beyond recognition here in sun deprived Salford we have yet more inspirational links and findings just for you.

1) Amazing org chart

Org Chart

2) Supersonic jet ditches windows for massive live-streaming screens


3) Super Mario theme tune played on an ancient instrument

4) transitions and animations – A collection of awesome six second transitions and animations

5) Street Art time-lapse

6) Gov UK report – Social report after 10 weeks

7) JavaScript show on Flight, JS1K, TodoMVC 1.1

8) Luke Wroblewski blog post on the future of responsive image

9) JavaScript podcast discussing Gulp

10) Gulp repo on GitHub

11) Interesting idea to have two views whilst developing

12) Some great places to go to learn code

13) Ask Siri ‘What does the fox say’ – Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!

14) Developer Excuses, refresh and see if any are familiar

Developer Excuses

15) Great UI – A good example of displaying a lot of information without it looking too cluttered