From innovative design to captivating blog posts, here are are top picks from the web this week.

1) We love great design – Here at carbon we appreciate smart design and we love what fellow design agency Garden have done with the homepage of their website.

2) ‘How to Land Quality Clients’ – Great guidance from the Treehouse team on how to successfully approach customers.

3) The Designer’s Guide to DPI – A helpful resource explaining DPI and the challenges it presents for multi-platform design.

4) ‘How We Read’ –  This sneak peak into Jason Santa Maria’s new book ‘On Web Typography’, is a must read for all typography addicts.

5) Beautiful Open 
– A collection of beautiful sites for Open Source projects.

6) Enduring CSS – Writing style sheets for rapidly changing, long-lived projects.

7) Emoji time – An easy way to view and copy paste emojis.

8) – Interesting playlists created by interesting people- what’s not to love? We particularly enjoyed this weeks playlist from Manchester based designer Jack Sheppard…

9) Design appreciation for WanderWorld – Interesting responsive design, use of illustrations and interaction, take a look and let us know if you agree.

10) ‘Learning More About Creativity And Innovation From LEGO’ – Engaging article on the importance of design and creativity in an organisation. We think it’s worth a read…

Let us know your thoughts on this weeks selection, and if there’s anything you think we’d enjoy viewing, be sure to send us the link!