Week 14 of Inspirational links

From a 3D Batmobile, to an interview with Bruce Lawson, this week’s eclectic mix of inspirational links, are both entertaining and educational.

The Colours of Motion - Inspirational link

1) The Colours of Motion

A really intriguing site concept demonstrating the use of colour in films, by showing colours from every frame – including hex codes so that you can use the colours in any designs you like!
Take a look

Interactive 3D Batmobile - Web Design Inspirational link

2) 3D Design

We love the interactive 3D Batmobile feature on this site, it’s extremely visually pleasing and great fun to play around with – especially if you love cars!
Check it out

Javascript Browser - Web Design and Development Inspirational link

3) Breach

‘A browser for the HTML5 era, entirely written in Javascript. Free. Modular. Hackable.’
Find out more

Chrome DevTools apps and extensions - Web Design and Development Inspirational link

4) Mind the Gap

A useful list of ‘extensions and Apps that Fill the Gaps in Chrome DevTools’.
Fill the gaps

Site in Progress - Web Design and Development Inspirational link

5) A tour of a site in progress

A Tour of a Site In-Progress Built with Jekyll, Grunt, Sass, an SVG System, and more.
See for yourself

Bruce Lawson - Inspirational link

6) Bruce Lawson

A great interview by Bruce Lawson, who is an Open Web Advocate for Opera.

Invision reading list for web design - - Inspirational link

7) The ultimate reading list

A huuuuuuuge list created for designers, by designers.
See the list

Front end developer learning list - Web Design and Development Inspirational link

8) Tweet

There’s a lot of stuff to learn these days as front-end developer, here’s a rough breakdown.
Have a look

Video games designer Phil Fish - Inspirational link

9) Phil Fish

The video game designer that people love to hate.
Watch the video