Week 13 and we have yet another selection of interesting and inspirational findings for your viewing pleasure.

1) ‘Pixels are expensive’ – 
An interesting guide to all things pixel related:  http://aerotwist.com/blog/pixels-are-expensive/

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 14.18.29


2) Great design – Here at Carbon we have a lot of respect for innovative and beautiful design and this week the website of design agency Wild has caught our eye:  http://wild.as/hell

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 14.26.48


3) The Code Side of Colour – An interesting article on the code side of colour:  http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2012/10/04/the-code-side-of-color/

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 14.48.51



4) ‘Creative Exhaust, the Power of Being Open by Default’ –  A great talk by Brad Frost, well worth a watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rW9vTrN6OU

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 15.07.50


5) ‘Vim for people who think things like Vim are weird and hard’ – An extensive article on the benefits of using Vim: http://csswizardry.com/2014/06/vim-for-people-who-think-things-like-vim-are-weird-and-hard/

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 15.12.32


6) Responsive images – An in-depth guide to responsive images and how to successfully use them: http://dev.opera.com/articles/responsive-images/

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 15.22.44


7) SVG time– A great source of information containing everything you need to know about SVG: http://css-tricks.com/mega-list-svg-information/

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 15.32.59

8) Exporting to SVG files from Adobe Illustrator 
– An easy to follow tutorial demonstrating how to export multiple icons to SVG files from Adobe Illustrator: http://blog.iconfinder.com/how-to-export-multiple-layers-to-svg-files-in-adobe-illustrator/

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 15.43.32