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Breathe Freely

Liverpool City Council were looking for an agency to develop the creative outputs for a campaign to raise awareness around the topic of lung heath.

Strong creative and copywriting skills were a must to help develop the branding and overall look and feel of a series of events across target areas in the city.

We were thrilled to win this competitive tender!

Campaign overview

This innovative campaign forms part of Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group’s (LCCG) Healthy Lung Project, working with individuals who are at risk of developing lung diseases. This work is particularly important for Liverpool as the city has the highest cancer and lung cancer mortality rate of all the core cities in England.

Based on detailed research and insight stages already completed, the client was looking to organise a number of events. These would aim to help raise awareness of the meaning of healthy lungs and symptoms of lung diseases, allow early diagnosis and strive to change people’s lifestyle related behaviours to encourage better lung health.

Our brief was to help develop the look and feel of the project and create campaign materials for the events. These needed to lead with an upbeat and chatty tone with a bright and appealing overall style. Written resources and key messaging needed to be motivating, reassuring and positive to build people’s confidence.

Use of imagery was a key consideration, how it could look friendly as opposed to clinical. Making information clear and easy to understand, without being too medical was also a top priority. It was important that the development of the visual identity of the campaign followed these principles, but that the event materials also had their own identity.

Our approach

To help bring the campaign to life and engage with the public, we created a strong illustrative style with the central focus on playful characters shaped as lungs. We wanted the visual graphics to be both friendly and supportive and combined this with a positive campaign title of ‘Breathe Freely’.

We developed materials with informative yet simple to understand messaging and content to ensure the aims of the campaign were met. Deliverables included a leaflet with practical guidance and clear steps and advice on looking after your lungs. Clear layouts were developed to ensure the materials could also be easily translated into multiple langauages.

Promotional flyers helped to build awareness of the free lung health checks available and upcoming events. Pull up banners, balloons and giveaway tote bags were also produced for the events, all featuring the characters and brand messaging.

To further engage with the local community and fulfil our tender objectives we also donated 21 trees to a school in central Liverpool as part of our tree planting scheme!

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