Last week, we organised a sushi making workshop with one of our clients, Koi Kitchen.

We worked on her website, making it beautiful and worthy of the amazing products she sells! Sam, the owner, was more than happy to come in last week and do a two hour workshop session with us as part of our Team Carbon development. We have a ten week cycle where we set aside time on Fridays for personal and team progress reviews, innovation catch ups, volunteering and fun time out. It’s great scheme that everyone gets involved in and really helps our team work together on projects.

On the day of the workshop, Sam brought all the tools needed and the ingredients, she even got us all aprons so all we needed to bring was ourselves. We were ready to learn! She had pre made the sushi rice for us due to the time restraints, but she kindly showed us how to make some if we ever wanted to try making the sticky rice for ourselves. All the team were so excited to be learning a new skill, even though some people in the team were slightly nervous of the idea of eating raw fish! There were plenty of varieties of vegetables available to put in the fillings for all the vegetarians on the team, and for the people that didn’t fancy fish sushi.

All the team listened intently while Sam showed us how to baton our ingredients to the correct size (we had to be very precise) and how to add our rice and filling on to the seaweed paper and roll it tightly with the makisu, (a mat woven out of bamboo and cotton strong). We focused on making a ‘Maki’ style sushi roll, little cylindrical rolls with the seaweed on the outside, but once we had found our feet, some of the team decided to be a little more adventurous! There was plenty of sushi to take home for everyone and all the team agreed it was a great experience. Even the raw fish sceptics had been converted! It was a great few hours and ended our week on a happy note.

Thank you so much to Sam at Koi Kitchen for showing us how to make the sushi and for being patient when Harriet got a little over excited, and when we kept sneaking bits of the sushi before everyone was finished. Check out her website here. –