As you know, at Carbon we are super passionate about the environment and looking after where we live. Taking part in Carbon Literacy courses since 2016 has been a bit of a catalyst for some of the team to eat less meat or even go completely veggie!

There are lots of campaigns around encouraging the reduction of meat consumption like Meat Free Mondays which is what it says on the tin, giving up meat for just one day a week is really simple and easy and has such a positive impact on the environment. This campaign is spearheaded by the McCartneys and they have recipe ideas and really interesting news, like did you know a third of all meals in January were meat free?!

If you haven’t heard of Veganuary then where have you been?! For the last couple of years the Veganuary campaign has been in full swing, and I for one am pleased to see more people starting to look at the alternatives to eating meat. I think I’m an accidental vegetarian, starting out as a flexitarian, my sister is Vegan and makes amazing food, seemingly without thinking too hard about ‘what to have instead of meat’. She told me her thoughts on being Vegan and that was enough to get me thinking and changing my habits and I can’t imagine going back.

The Darwin Challenge have made a clever, and cute app which shows the positive impact your meat free days have in real time. If you like well designed statistics and numbers you can relate to you will love this 🙂

We are obviously an inclusive office here at Carbon so meat eaters are also welcome! However it is nice to share a few veggie recipes and it’s good to see plenty of veggie options when we have our team buffets!! And with visiting food traders coming to The Splat we love going to see what is on offer and even better than that, more and more restaurants are expanding their menus. Gone are the days of the ‘mushroom risotto’ being the only available option to a vegetarian, although there is nothing wrong with a delicious mushroom risotto!

In Manchester there are more veggie places popping up which we are so pleased about! Carrie’s favourite place to go is V Rev, there are two now in the City Centre, I am partial to an 1847, so pleased to see its return at the end of last year! And lets not forget the fantastic Pasta Factory with vegetarian and VEGAN options – including their own parmesan cheese!!

Get in touch on Twitter and let us know what your favourite vegetarian dish is!