With so much focus and attention being on our nations beloved NHS during the Covid-19 outbreak, there have been many other areas of our community key workers who have been so sadly overlooked, none more so, we’d argue, than social care health workers.

Many of these brave individuals had to continue to work in their already supremely challenging roles caring for residents and service users with physical, age or mental health related conditions. Often these key workers would do so without adequate supply of PPE protection due to shortages and priorities elsewhere. They are truly unsung heroes, doing their work at high risk to themselves, for the love of the people they care for. So when the pandemic hit and the lockdown was imposed, our hearts went straight out to Community Integrated Care.

Community Integrated Care

This long-term client is a leading national social care charity, providing care and support to thousands of people across the country, and they faced an immense battle to tackle the impact the Covid-19 would have across their services and care homes. Their response was phenomenal and it was a privilege to collaborate with their marketing team on delivering critical comms and support packages, helping their key workers, service users and residents to keep safe and well informed at all times.

Care With Hair
Care with Hair

With many of their funds now diverted into the pandemic response, fundraising was now crucial to help address two fundamental challenges; the self-isolation imposed on the people the charity support, and the wellbeing of their key workers during such an incredibly emotional and physically demanding time. To help address these challenges the #CareWithHair campaign was launched.

Community Integrated Care reached out to celebrities and the public to share their lockdown DIY hair styling experiences on social media, and donate the money they would have spent otherwise to the charity. To help we designed and built the supporting website www.carewithhair.co.uk to signpost people to the fundraising page.

TV and main stream media coverage

The campaign gained much media coverage, featuring on national TV including Sky Sports and has helped raise over £10k to put towards much needed resources. As an ethics-based agency, creating campaigns that help change behaviours for the good of society has always been close to our hearts. We, ourselves, are not on the front line like so many key worker heroes, but feel it is important to use our services to help raise awareness to real issues that will benefit the lives of others.

Providing this support also helps to boost the spirits of the team. Knowing you can have a positive impact at such an unprecedented time with your day-to-day skill set is incredibly rewarding.

“Carbon Creative pulled out all the stops to make our little fundraising idea a much bigger fundraising campaign. This website helped us to generate invaluable funds that we invested in making a real difference to the people we support and our colleagues at what might have been the toughest time in their lives.
The site gave people a great sense of both the fun and importance of the campaign. It helped us generate great press coverage and get many people involved. As always, they surpassed our expectations and gave us something even better than we imagined.”
John Hughes – Director of Partnerships and Communities