One of my first memories of art/painting was at my first week at primary school and a teacher asked me what my favourite subject was – my four year old answer… “Art because it’s messy!”

Years later, I have recently moved into a new flat  and have even surprised myself at how I have managed to not completely cover it all in paint…yet!

I have always loved anything creative and find picking up a paintbrush, listening to some chill music and painting very therapeutic.

I love landscapes and have recently started to incorporate urban landscapes into my paintings – I think this is mainly from moving into this new flat and feeling the city vibes! I prefer to paint night scenes, mainly because I feel like they have more atmosphere to them, I also like how the artificial light contrasts against the natural darkness of the night sky. I would like to incorporate some more figures in my paintings because I think they can tell a great story and capture a moment in a life.

Visiting art galleries and exhibitions is something I love. I find abstract art to be really intriguing, but I am yet to paint anything so abstract (maybe soon!) I also like how each person’s view of an abstract painting can be very different.

There are many amazing artists, obviously the old greats like Van Gogh, Turner and Edward Hopper, but also many new contemporary artists you find all over Instagram!

I feel that the way we view art is a direct representation of ourselves and our own experiences, and this can also change the way we perceive a painting depending on where we are in our lives at the time.  I love that we can connect to paintings because we have felt that emotion ourselves before or maybe feel a strange sense of deja vu when looking at a painting. Anyway I just love that!

It is a very inspiring time for art/design and I believe with all that is going on in the world, sometimes escaping to create some art can be good for the soul!  

You can check out my paintings on Instagram at @jk_hebenton , maybe give us a follow!