5.  The original Odd Bar – Thomas Street
Good beer and people appeared on the corner of Thomas Street 6 years ago making a miserable winter all warm and cosy. Not always recommended on the weekend nights due to the ‘too cool for school, hipster, beardy, Where’s Wally lookalikes brigade’

4. Corbieres – Half Moon Street
The second best jukebox in Manchester (yes, even better than those digital jobbies that never have what you want anyway and take ages to key anything in cos the keypad’s all weird and the touch screen’s all sticky, I mean sticky like buggy… never mind). Downstairs and off the street it can be dead noisy especially on Friday after work.

3. Kro Bar – Oxford Road
Many a good breakfast has been enjoyed in Kro on a hungover Sunday morning. Equally as good for tea and coffee making facilities as it is for beer. If I was a billionaire I would make it my house.

2. The Marble Arch – Rochdale Road
If you like real ales and real people this is the place for you too, Marble beers have won so many awards they don’t even care anymore and have started calling the beers stuff like ‘Pint’ and ‘Dobber’ (!?). Authentic.

1. The Temple Of Convenience – Great Bridgewater Street
This pub looked after me when I first arrived in Manchester. Friends were made and drinks were often free or incredibly strong (for some reason last orders never applied to me). Yes, it’s an old underground toilet and about the size of a shoe box and a wee bit smelly, but all the good characters were to be found in The Temple. The best jukebox in Manchester… maybe even THE WORLD!