As much as it would be great to walk, cycle and public transport it everywhere, I would find it pretty hard to get by full time without a car. But although I try not to drive unnecessarily, I do like to drive my Fiat 500.

People still laugh at me now when I say I honestly would not swop my car for anything else on the road. But it’s true!

I remember when I bought it, some mused I would find it too small and get fed up watching milk floats overtake me. It didn’t help with frequent jibes from friends in America, reminding me of why FIAT exited the US market with the less than flattering urban acronym of “Fix It Again Tony”.

Yet here I am two years on and still in love. And why not, my car is nippy round town, fun to drive, economical to run, low on emissions, reliable (so far!) and…I can even park it.

Being part of the Fiat family, I enjoyed receiving the regular US magazine, I’m not one for car mags but this one was an exception, great design and interesting to read. It’s now an e-zine, good for the environment and interaction but a bit thinner on content. No excuses, you can all read it now.

I found in this an article about It has to be a fun way to explore the Cotswolds, the place where I grew up, in these classic Fiat 500s.

So considering I’ve never really been interested myself in cars (I am one of those few people who does not watch Top Gear, especially after Jeremy Clarksons latest rubbish remarks on Salford!), the Fiat 500 took me by surprise and will be with me for a long time yet.