As we draw closer and closer to get cracking on our very own website (more on that soon) our team are finding more and more inspiration from a wide range of places and of course in the spirit of the web we’ve shared it with you….

1) What makes content spread: The anatomy of a post that got over 500,000 likes


2) Typecsset – a small Sass library for setting type on the web by Harry Roberts

3) – A quick, painless, javascript-free baseline overlay.

4) A Good User Interface has high conversion rates and is easy to use and here is a guide to try and achieve that.

5) Font Walk – An amazing experiment with just fonts and animations

6) Slip.js — UI library for manipulating lists via swipe and drag gestures

7) ConfCal – A simple but very informative guide to up and coming web conferences.

8) Google AdWords, a nice interactive illustrative piece using SVG.


9) Again, a nice SVG illustration for the header and footer here.

10) Tomb Raider – I played the first Tomb Raider and it’s incredible to see the progress of graphics that’s available today.

11) Nice work from Dan Eden, who has updated the Animate.css site.

12) Old Spice – Great campaign from Old Spice, love these.

13) Stop the pop-ups! They’re back

14) This man didn’t have the cash to spend on a device lab, so he built this beauty from scratch.


15) For my colleagues, who bloody love a bit of typography tools.

16) Murmuration – Amazing starling murmuration

17) A really nice UI for displaying patterns –

18) Solving problems and pushing forward emerging technologies like Google Glass in the real world.

19) A fun test to see how trendy a designer you are –

20) Notes on blindness – I really liked the bit about the rain bringing a environment to life.

21) UX Kits – beautifully crafted kits to help solve design flow problems,

22) Amazon’s anticipatory shipping method has be granted a patent – wow or oh dear?

23) Going that extra mile with the little jobs

24) An interesting insight into designing for mobile first with Sketch.

24) Sugru – Amazing product and talk –

25) Passfolio – A very cool idea for your next portfolio