In order to start off our week with a bang of inspiration our web team get together to have a bit of a show and tell session of all the inspiring things we have seen during the previous 7 days. Rather than keeping this to ourselves we thought we’d share it with you.

1) Never give up… Although the veteran was told he would never walk unassisted again and countless people not willing to help him, one yoga instructor stood up and offered his help. This act of encouragement spurred the veteran on and after constant effort managed to accomplish his goal.

2) Steve jobs with a very simple message, if you want to achieve something ‘pick up the phone’. No matter what you want to achieve, in order to make it happen, you need to be proactive and do something.

3) I added this video in for a bit of fun. Paul Irish is a great contributor to many projects related on the web. When I first started out in web development I believe the persona of web developers was typically, old anti-social men sat starring at a screen writing code day in day out and doing nothing else. Nowadays I see a vibrant flourishing community with people educating, learning, pushing forward, making the web a wonderful place and having fun along the way.

4) What clients don’t know and why its your fault. A great talk by Mike Monteiro on why its important not to make our clients feel stupid but instead make them feel smarter. A nice real world example is given when Mike tries to buy a bike for the first time in a number of years.

5) Fifty Three Pencil – Parallax websites are often done just for the look these days with no real substance behind going down the parallax route. The Fifty Three Pencil page gets the balance just right.

6) Adam Hartwig – I just loved the simplicity of and playfulness of Adam’s website. Good job.

7) Intro to jQuery – A nice concept for learning by combing a well known computer game (Street Fighter) with a dash of jQuery.

8) CSS Animation tool – Lea Verou is very well known front end web developer and despite doing talks across the globe she still finds time to give something back to the web community.  One for CSS animation fans.

9) Slow loading of resources can break your website. Here is a place to test.

10) A simple tool to test which media queries your device supports.

11) I just loved the little illustrations used on this jQuery plugin website.  Great UI on this website.

12)  Matt Cutts is the head of web spam at Google.  He loves to share his knowledge in often fairly long videos. This website quickly summarises his answers in those videos. A great time saver

13) A mountain biker who lost his arm but even that didn’t stop him continue with his passion.

14)  A really interesting article on improving your shops navigation.