In the rapidly evolving realm of social media, Threads has emerged as a major player, swiftly making waves since its July 2023 launch as the Meta-owned alternative to Twitter (‘X’). Boasting over 120 million users since launch. Threads presents a unique opportunity for brands to explore its potential as a powerful bite-sized social media marketing tool. This comprehensive guide not only unveils Threads’ features but also delves into successful brand strategies, offering insights into leveraging this burgeoning platform.

  1. Unveiling Threads
    2. Understanding Threads Users
    3. Empowering Content Creators
    4. Getting Started with Threads
    5. Leveraging Threads for Brand Boost
    6. Top Brands Thriving on Threads
    7. Creating a Strategic Threads Approach
    8. Considering a Shift from ‘X’ to Threads
    9. Riding the Threads Wave

Unveiling Threads:

Meta’s Threads, a short-form content-style social media platform, is positioned as the forward-thinking alternative to Twitter. While reminiscent of ‘X’ in feel and functionality, Threads distinguishes itself through decentralisation, giving users autonomy over privacy settings and content interactions. Empowering creators and users in the age of the Metaverse.

Threads stands out as a compelling alternative following Elon Musk’s acquisition of ‘X.’ and the launch of Threads coincides with a series of decisions by Twitter owner Elon Musk that have sparked great controversy, including limiting the number of posts users could see – many have branded Meta’s Threads as the “Twitter killer”.

Understanding Threads Users:

Threads attracts a diverse user base, with approximately 68% male and 32% female users, predominantly Gen Zers. The platform’s global popularity, particularly in India, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and the UK, has expanded further into EU countries. Despite lagging in overall numbers compared to ‘X,’ Threads outperforms in downloads, signaling potential for brands seeking innovative engagement approaches. (The Wall Street Journal, 2023)

Empowering Content Creators:

Positioned as a platform to empower content creators, Threads maintains a neutral stance on news while providing an outlet for current affairs. Its open, conversational space sparks engagement, making it a promising arena for brand promotion.

Getting Started with Threads:

Creating a Threads account is user-friendly.
1. Downloading the app.
2. Log in with your Instagram credentials, setting up a profile, and selecting privacy preferences.
3. Encouraging community interaction, short-form content creation, and visual sharing.

Leveraging Threads to Boost Your Brand:

Understanding Threads features, including a 500-character post limit, account status options, and Instagram story sharing, is crucial. While formal paid advertising is anticipated in 2024, influencer marketing remains potent for brand expansion.

Top Brands Thriving on Threads:

Several brands have rapidly gained substantial followings on Threads by employing diverse approaches to content creation and engagement. (image sources; Hubspot, 2023)

Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment





Pizza Hut:


And many more exemplary brands such as CNN, Star Wars, Americanair, Canva showcase unique brand voices, humour, and multimedia content strategies.

Creating a Strategic Threads Approach:

Maximising Threads content value requires a clear strategy involving experimentation, competitor analysis, creative thinking, and leveraging the platform’s engagement options.

Considering a Shift from ‘X’ to Threads:

Given Threads’ initial success, brands are urged to assess their stats and engagement levels on ‘X.’ A strategic shift, putting ‘X’ on hold while directing followers to Threads, capitalises on the platform’s rising popularity.

Riding the Threads Wave.

As a burgeoning platform with the potential to tap into engaged communities, Threads offers brands a unique opportunity, particularly with GenZ. By carefully planning content strategies, brands can ride this trending wave and gain a competitive edge in the dynamic and upcoming realm of social media marketing.