Why we’re content to be celebrating this weekend 

No matter what you’ll be doing this extra bank holiday weekend (thank you Charles 👑), we’re sure that you’ll be consuming lots of cake, drinks, and perhaps content! (Well, we’re actually pretty sure you are digesting content if you’re reading this just now.) So why not grab a slice of quiche and a cup of tea and enjoy reading our blog? It’ll still be hot by the time you’re finished. 😀

In the early days of the internet – and that’s not too long ago – the idea that anyone could just grab their keyboard and mouse and share whatever they want with anyone they want anywhere they want was revolutionary. Though the telegram and the telephone did revolutionise long distance communications in their own ways, we feel we don’t really have to explain why the internet is just so different. But we wouldn’t be writing good content if we didn’t give you some reasons, would we?  

The type of content we can share on the internet is so diverse, first of all. Think of what you see online on a regular day: videos, reels, news articles, your best friend’s Instagram breakfast… We could go on and on. But it’s more than that, it’s the ability to interact with anyone, anywhere and stand a chance of being heard. Well that does sound very democratic and this isn’t the weekend to get into politics so let’s carry on! 

What makes good content? 

When it comes to making any form of content, there are really two ways of seeing it. It’s either super easy to produce or not! The internet connectivity rate in the developed world is close to 100%, and developing nations are seeing an increase year on year. So really, if you have an internet connection, you can create and share content online! 🌐

It sounds so simple, and it can be. The art and science of creating good content, however, isn’t quite so simple. The market is saturated, of course, with both good and bad content. While there isn’t a magic spell to make your content outstanding, the ‘key’ is really to offer something your audience will find useful. 

Now, we understand that describing what ‘useful’ even means is a challenge. This is where you really need to do your market research and understand your brand and your audience types. It will never mean the same thing to everyone. This is why it can be so much fun to create content! Are you an electrician seeking new business? Why not create a blog on common safety hazards in households. Perhaps you’re a dog walker? Write down the 10 top reasons you love other people’s pets. The internet is a busy place. Good content catches someone’s eye, even for just a few seconds or minutes and lets someone think ‘I’m glad the algorithm fed me that’. 

How can high quality writing help my business?

Now that we’ve established that creating content (albeit not necessarily good content) online is relatively easy, how on earth could it help my business? That is a valid point, after all, if everyone’s doing it isn’t it better to think of something different? If you are keen on new business finding you online (and after all, who isn’t?), you should definitely value good content. 

Firstly, it helps improve your search rankings. Really, if you have just a blank website with your name and email no one will find you or reach out (probably). Secondly, it allows you to stand out against competitors and demonstrate that your knowledge is constantly evolving. This is really important. If someone is going to pay for your skills and services, they need to trust that what you’re offering really is what they’re expecting to get. 

By taking the time to create good content, you’re showing to the world that you have something worthy of shouting about. Your audience will also be able to search for you in indirect ways. They might have never heard about you, but when they stumble on your ‘top decluttering tips when moving house’ blog, they might just end up calling your number. 

Any tips and tricks to get any better at it? 

This bank holiday, enjoy as much guilt-free content as you like. You deserve it, after all: it’s research! 🎉 But seriously, when you’re back in the office (Tuesday!), and you’ve been tasked with writing yet another blog for your business’ website, why not let the professionals do the writing?

We love the level of psychology that goes into crafting high quality content. So if you’re in the news of email marketing, blog writing, website copy, or tone of voice guidelines give us a shout and we’ll create something awesome for you in now time. We can even have a friendly discussion with a cup of tea about the Oxford comma if you like. 🤯