Today we were proud to be part of a global protest for climate justice! Joining cities around the world we marched to make our voices heard that we are in a climate crisis and the time to act is now.

We joined the event at St Peter’s square and marched to Great Ancoats street where we had an eleven minute sit in to mark the objections to planning a massive carpark in a newly built up residential area, including a primary school. The poignant space was chosen to show that the more spaces we make for cars, the less spaces there will be for people to come together, amplified by the sheer number of people that had attended. This is just one example in one city where priorities need to change in order to see real results of climate change efforts.

Manchester Evening News reported there had been 5,000 protests worldwide which is just incredible to think about. We have always been climate champions, from the core of our business, so joining residents of our beautiful city in making people take notice of the emergency was a real moment of pride.

Manchester you are amazing, well done to all that turned out, to march, to strike, to share and to listen to the messages at todays march. Here are some of the incredible signs we saw today!