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Carbon Creative is a print, branding, digital agency based in Salford (Greater Manchester), UK.  We are big enough to have an optimal range of skills — from craft skills in print to expertise in social media — whilst small enough to care about every detail of your project and be totally accountable for the project.

We have a carbon-neutral ethos which, apart from our deeply-held convictions, comes from a belief that all organisations will soon be forced to adopt practices that we already take for granted. This gives us a competitive edge, now, as a supplier-of-choice to organisations who are concerned about corporate social responsibility and sustainability in their supply chains.


Our branding expertise combines our creative design ideas with marketplace knowledge that ensures we deliver results to market your brand effectively. Through an involved process of investigating what makes your brand special in the eyes of your customers we can then craft and develop a solution which matches the ‘specialness’ of your product or company. Defining your unique selling point and the accentuating that into everything in your branding portfolio has seen Carbon Creative become a leading branding and design agency Manchester.

Within our branding skill set our design team can carefully craft either fresh logo designs or re-brand existing logos for your company, product or clients. The logo is the brand mark that leads the visual identification of your branding and can be the difference between consumer recognition and confidence or consumer indifference. With a defined logo and visual identification set it is essential for the future of your branding that continuity is held throughout all marketing materials. If somebody in one department of your company is having flyers printed then the right logo or colour scheme needs to be used to attain a professional appearance and unity in all material. Having all branding information set in a brand guidelines document which sets out the brand and rules for usage in different materials.

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Campaigns bring together a strategy and execution of multiple materials in different platforms or mediums to market or advertise your brand, business, product or client. At Carbon Creative we ensure that none of your marketing collateral works in isolation. Through our experience in delivering full marketing campaigns from initial ideas and planning to delivery online and in printed forms, we can unify the communications strategy of campaign to attain the results you desire.

Our knowledge of media, in terms of traditional formats such as print and new modern technologies, through social networking etc., provides our clients with a multitude of options to choose from as channels to deliver a unified campaign message on multiple fronts. Whether your campaign is centered on a strategy for advertising, digital, marketing or public relations, Carbon Creative provide creative thinking to develop unique concepts to meet your requirements.

With clear alignment through all of your marketing materials from initial planning to execution, Carbon Creative work carefully to provide full campaign solutions to attain measurable results. If your business already has an internal marketing plan we will use our experience to add value to all of your marketing communications.

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Print design

Print designed materials provides your business or client with a branded ‘leave-behind’ product for when all digital media has been shut off or run out of battery power. At Carbon Creative we have a highly experienced print team who design creative and distinctive materials to make you stand out from the crowd. Print comes in all different shapes, sizes and finishes to give a unique feel to your product.

Within our repertoire of skills we design many marketing materials such as flyers, direct mail and posters. Our expertise ensures we craft beautiful finishes for items such as annual reports so that instead of bland graphics and plain text, we create a design which captivates the reader to take in every piece of information. Whether you are looking to promote yours or your client’s products in a catalogue, brochure, leaflet or folder, or if you have a newsletter to produce and distribute our capabilities are unlimited in the potential benefits we can provide to you.

Designing printed materials of all formats we also have a wealth of knowledge in other diverse areas such as creating large scale displays and exhibitions including roller banners for trade shows or presentations. At the most basic level for your business, often the most important printed items to represent your company are the style and presentation of your stationery including business cards, letterheads etc. which we take careful consideration into designing to reflect the essence of your brand and what it represents.

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Website design

The world-wide-web is the new high street for your business and one of the most effective ways to connect with potential and existing clients with the simple click of a button. At Carbon Creative we have a great experience in designing innovative websites and keeping our skills ahead of the curve as the web evolves. Websites no longer are designed just to fit onto a standard desktops machines monitor; there is a variety of tablet, smartphone and other platforms that our website design for you will be optimised to display on so your website becomes truly mobile worldwide.

Digital is where a new paradigm of communication has seen a collaboration of platforms to promote your business. Linking your social media networks creatively into the website design can ensure for synergy in the marketing of your business or products and encourage interaction with your brand. Whether you need a website driven by a content management system so you can keep the content constantly fresh or an e-commerce website to manage and sell your products online we have a wealth of knowledge to develop the perfect website to suit your needs.

Just building a website and assuming it will be successful is a naive view. Marketing after the website is live is essential to attaining high levels of traffic. This can be carried out through many channels such as broadcasting email marketing flyers to your client list or starting a search engine optimisation campaign which can involve pay-per-click promotion or organic techniques to ensure you rank well in search engine results. With all this we can track the statistics and analytics of your site to feedback on its performance which will be stellar if you design and develop with Carbon Creative.

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